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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Seven Year Itch-stagram

Seven years (and 2 day) ago, I married my best friend. I have approximately 800 professional photos documenting the event, ten of which I like.  Today, two days into my eighth year of marriage, I can't help but wonder how my wedding experience and my memories of that day would differ had I owned an iPhone. Considering how my iPhone and a little app called Instagram have changed how I experience and interact with the world, I imagine it would have been a very different experience.

In my mother's words, "I shudder to think of it". But since I am so unhappy with my wedding photos (for many reasons - none of which were related to a lack of talented photographer and more due to my apparent assumptions and lack of communication), I would appreciate having some shots from the bride's perspective, with closest friends and family, of my 'good side', heck of my any 'side', really.  I was so busy being 'in the moment' (rightly so) that I just assumed my photographer was capturing it all.  I miss having those moments to look back on now, seven years my old age.

Although it would have killed my mother to see a clashing iPhone in my hand, (or to be less obvious, in my bridesmaids' hands) snapping away through the ceremony and reception, I think those shots would have told a more complete, accurate, enduring story of the most wonderful day of my life. But I can only imagine.

Can you imagine if iPhones and Instagram were around on your wedding day?  Would it have enhanced or distracted from your day?  Would you / did you "Instagram" your wedding?  Would you do it again if you could?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Taking Charge

I've been a New Yorker my entire life. Even after I got married and moved to Northern New Jersey I still thought of myself as a New Yorker. I never truly embraced the fact that Northern New Jersey is not a suburb of New York. Over the past six years I've grown to appreciate my new home: the wonderful beaches, the great schools, the distance from the hustle and bustle, the wide open spaces. And now my heart is breaking for both of my home towns. And my heart is breaking for friends and family who have lost so much.

I thank God my home and family are all fine. We fared so much better than most. Even though the transformer outside of our house blew and the electrical pole up the block caught on fire, with the exception of a few minutes, we maintained power. Our backyard is a mess! We lost several branches and tree sized branches, our 12' trampoline caught air and was moved 30' across our yard then was eventually picked up by Sandy and moved back again, but we are all fine. And I am so grateful.

My heart is broken for the losses suffered by family and friends in Breezy Point, NY. I can not imagine the devastation they are experiencing as they look at the ruins of my cherished childhood playground.

And neighbors all around us are suffering after four days without power. As a way to give back to our community as they continue to struggle, our family thought it would be helpful to offer a place to charge phones or laptops.  As my five year old son (who is so very punny  said, "We need to take charge Mommy! I mean, give them a charge!" And so even though it's a small gesture, it may make one neighbor's day a little easier. So, for now, that's what we are doing to help get through this.

Hoping everyone is well and safe, 
Helping where they can. #aftersandy #nj #sharing #helping. Sign by @stagecrew4you. Superpowers by #mommyinkwellar


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